Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida: The next immigration battle.

Florida has become the next state to introduce a tough illegal immigration bill, following Arizona's early lead which has led to stern rebukes from President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, overwhelming public support for Arizona, and a lengthy court battle as the Federal Government attempts to exert it's power over the state.

Kudos to Florida for standing up for the law, let's hope the bill moves swiftly through the Florida legislature, and that other states soon follow.

In an interesting turn of political events, the bill pits Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is running for Florida's governorship, directly against turncoat former Republican and current Independent Governor Charlie Crist, who is running for U.S. Senate, and who has expressed a more liberal opinion on illegal immigration, including stating that illegal immigrants should be counted in the U.S. Census as a means of getting more "pork" out of Washington, D.C.  It will be interesting to see what Crist's reaction will be.

Florida introduces tough immigration law.

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