Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona: The Federal Government vs. the People of the U.S.A.

Yet again, the Obama administration has forced an issue in direct opposition to the will of the majority of U.S. Citizens.

Well over half of all U.S. Citizens support the State of Arizona's right to defend itself from the illegal alien invasion coming across out southern border.  In Arizona itself, 70 percent of the population support the Arizona Immigration Law.

Yet our Federal government, ignoring the general population yet again, has taken Arizona to court to block the implementation of state law.  And on the surface, it appears the Federal government has won, at least for now.

But in a time when it already looks like Democrats are losing their "mojo", is it wise to continue to anger the electorate, particularly this close to an election that is going to decide the fate of the supposed "Obama Mandate"?

In short, has the Federal government really "won" anything?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has already stated that Arizona would take their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, thus guaranteeing the agitation of an already open wound as the the battle over the "rights" of illegal aliens remains in the forefront of America's minds through election day.  Governor Brewer re-confirmed this intention to Sean Hannity on his Fox News Channel television program just hours after U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton struck down much of Arizona's law.  The Arizona Governor is overwhelmingly popular in her home state, and enjoys an over 20% lead over her opponents in the political race to hold on to her job.

It's also clear the people of the United States want our borders under control.  Illegal aliens, coming to the United States with relative impunity, present a problem that is overtaxing the economies of many states, not to mention their bringing in dangerous drugs, and criminal activity including the outright murder of U.S. Citizens.  The Obama Administration, by actively seeking to thwart any and all attempts to control our border with Mexico, has shown it's utter disdain for the United States and it's people.  Every poll shows U.S. Citizens are fed up with the Federal Government's unwillingness to handle our southern border situation.

It would seem that the current administration has just handed it's political opposition another political weapon to use against it in the few short months leading to election day.

In a personal experience, As the manager of a rental firm, I once had an employee, who already had years of service with the U.S. Coast Guard under his belt, apply for a position with the U.S. Border Patrol.  I fully supported his decision, and he kept me informed during the lengthy process so that I could be prepared to replace him when the time came.  Finally, after some time, he got "the call" and reported for training.  After all of the effort involved in obtaining the job, it took less than a year for him to leave the position, disillusioned over the fact that it appeared every roadblock was put in the way of actually enforcing border security.

Though I was sad to see such a fine person, who put so much effort into obtaining the position, leave the Border Patrol in what amounted to complete disgust, I wasn't surprised.  The stories he told concerning some of the border security situations he was involved with while patrolling the California coast in the Coast Guard appeared to be precursors to the bureaucratic nonsense he experienced during his short time with the Border Patrol.

Invaders climbing border fence
It's become obvious, through it's actions, that the Obama Administration, and the Federal government in general, expresses open contempt for the idea of "rule of law", or any semblance of border security.  In less than 20 pages, Arizona's immigration law practically mimics Federal law concerning immigration policy, Federal law, which by the way, the Federal government refuses to enforce.  And though the State of Arizona must bear the burden of illegal alien invasion in not just economic terms, but in actual physical harm done by criminal activity of illegal aliens, including the murder of Arizona's citizens, and the destruction of lives through drug use, the Federal government appear to be willing to allow a certain amount of murder and mayhem in it's quest for power it itself refuses to use.

Like most U.S. citizens, I'm 100 percent in favor of LEGAL immigration to our country, regardless of race. Members of every nationality have something to offer the United States.  However, national security dictates that the flow of immigrants be controlled, monitored, for health, economic, and national security reasons.  The uncontrolled flow of people into the United States at our southern border presents problems in all three categories.

The only way, it would seem, to force Federal government action on the border, is to create a massive shift in power at the ballot box this November.  It's more than apparent, as shown by their very arrogance, that our current group of do-nothing representatives at the Federal level are more interested in maintaining their level of personal power and comfort, than they are in creating an atmosphere where U.S. citizens can experience any semblance of the same comfort.  It's doubtful that many congresspeople, or even the President himself, has ever had to experience the results of their policy of inaction on the border.  And it's doubtful, in their insulated lives which revolve largely around around the D.C. political scene, that any of them will ever experience the level of anxiety felt by the average citizens in our border states due to the out of control illegal alien presence. Indeed, no less than President Obama himself refused the invitation of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to actually visit the southern U.S. border with Mexico, instead preferring to lecture Governor Brewer about how the southern border with Mexico is the "most secure it's ever been".
Murdered Arizona rancher Robert Krentz

Tell that to the family and friends of longtime Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, who was shot dead, along with his dog, by an illegal invader from Mexico, while riding an ATV around his ranchlands earlier this year.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Yes, Virginia, Democrats are hypocrites...."

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts recently took delivery of a 76 foot, 7 million dollar yacht.  The boat, christened "Isabel", was designed in the U.S., but built in New Zealand.  This has raised the ire of U.S. boat builders, particularly in Kerry's own "backyard" states in New England, as local yacht builders struggle to survive the current economic climate.

As Jane Wellahan, President of the trade group "Maine Built Boats" told the Boston Herald newspaper: "Darn, that would have been a wonderful job for a Maine builder.  If someone comes to build a $7 million boat, that would employ half the population of some towns for a year or two. Boat building is such a critical component of our coastal economy."

Kerry has also raised eyebrows by docking the good ship "Isabel" outside of his home state of Massachusetts, thus avoiding sales and excise taxes totalling over half a million dollars.  Kerry's office, in a press release, claims the boat is being birthed in Rhode Island for "long term maintenance, upkeep, and charter purposes".  If a yacht is birthed in Massachusetts within six months of purchase, sales tax is due, according to the state of Massachusetts.

Senator Kerry, to the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue.
When asked about his purchase, and the fact the yacht is being docked in tax-free Rhode Island, Kerry said:  ""It's being worked on.  It's under warranty down there. It's being worked on and it will come to Massachusetts and I look forward to that."  When asked "Did you berth the boat in Massachusetts?" he dodged, "That depends on who owns it."

Then, he turned to his driver and exclaimed, "Can I get out of here please?"

Since "Newport", a popular Rhode Island yacht port, is emblazoned on the stern, one wonders if it will take six months to redo the paint scheme.

Kerry, who as a U.S. Senator has repeatedly voted for tax increases upon the people of America, appears to be confirming the very premise that Democrats always like to hang around "Rich Republican" necks:   Rich people looking for tax loopholes really is "The American Way".  It's particularly hypocritical of the Kerry's to dodge their home state's taxes, consdering Theresa Heinz-Kerry has a net worth is in the neighborhood of 1 billion dollars, and can well afford to pay whatever taxes would be due to cash-strapped Massachusetts if they docked their boat at home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Report: Mexican drug cartel seizes U.S. ranches.

It is being reported that the Mexican drug cartel "Los Zetas" has seized at least two U.S. ranches near Laredo, Texas, in what has been described by a local Laredo area law enforcement officer as "an act of war".

Laredo law enforcement officials have requested the help of Federal law enforcement, and the U.S. Border Patrol is conducting aerial surveillance to determine the best course of action to regain possession of the ranches.

Information is sketchy, as there is an apparent "news blackout" concerning the takeover, ostensibly to allow law enforcement to co-ordinate their activities and decide what course of action is to be taken.

According to Kimberly Dvorak, of

"The Los Zetas drug cartel is an offshoot of the elite Mexican military trained in special ops. The mercenary organization is said to include members of corrupt Mexican Federales, politicians as well as drug traffickers. The group was once part of the Gulf cartel, but has since splintered and now directly competes with the Gulf cartel for premium drug smuggling routes in the Texas region."

Check the following links for updates:

Mexican drug cartel takes control of two U.S. ranches.

Multiple U.S. ranches taken over by Mexican "Los Zetas" drug cartel.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama's "Assassination Program" targets American citizens without due process, hardly a "right wing radical" site, is reporting on President Obama's "Assassination Program", which targets American citizens for killing, by order of the President, based only upon suspicion of terrorism.

That's right.  No conviction, indictment by a court of law, no legal charges by law enforcement, no military activity.  If President Obama merely suspects a U.S. citizen of terrorism, he can order a "hit" on that person.

How's that for "Change you can Believe In"?

Remember way back when leftists were howling mad over President George W. Bush's supposed "illegal wiretapping" of terrorist phone calls?  What a travesty it was that ole' Dubya might have been listening to your private phone calls!  Remember every mainstream media outlet harping ad-nauseam over the unmitigated gall of our President because he might be violating some one's right to chat nonsensically about absolutely nothing?

Ah, for the good old days.

Where's the mainstream media now that it's been learned that President Obama can order a bullet through the head of an American citizen on his authority alone!!

Well, Lindsey Lohan is going to jail, ya' know....

The administration defends it's assassination program.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Federal Government killing wild horses in order to "save" them.

In yet another example of the Federal government's ridiculous mismanagement of taxpayer money, and with a blind eye towards anything that can remotely be considered humane, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has made the decision that rounding up wild horses in the summer desert heat of Nevada is somehow necessary to "save" them.

Using a helicopter to stampede entire herds of wild horses, young foals and pregnant mares included, the BLM is capturing hundreds of wild horses this month, in Elko County, Nevada, by stampeding them over the desert at breakneck speeds, with no water, until the horses are eventually worn down and corralled.  In one case, the horses were run over 8 miles in 100 plus degree heat. Some of the young foals had their hooves literally "run off" over the rocky ground, leaving them crippled. Many pregnant mares have miscarried due to the stress of roundup.

In the past year, over 160 horses rounded up by the BLM have died from exhaustion, stress, dehydration, and injury brought on directly by the inhumane treatment involved in helicopter roundups.

Hundreds more wild horses, who manage to survive the roundup process, are being held in BLM pens awaiting shipment to yet-to-be-acquired holding facilities in the Midwestern U.S.  The BLM considers this to be an acceptable alternative to leaving them on the wide open range. Over $75,000 per week in taxpayer money is being spent to hold these horses in "facilities" that amount to mostly overcrowded open corrals very near the open range the horses once roamed, for free.

The BLM has hired Dave Cattoors to round up wild horses.  This despite the fact that Cattoors has a Federal conviction for "aiding and abetting" the theft and sale of wild horses for slaughter.

Spokespeople for the BLM claim that the horses are in imminent danger of starvation and dehydration if left in the wild, insisting they are overpopulated, yet the same spokespeople assure the public that the vast majority of horses are in "good shape" after their helicopter stampedes, claiming the death tolls are low, and apparently acceptable.  Other BLM spokespeople have said that the horses must be moved to due damage to livestock fences.  The "Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, 16 U.S.C. §1331 et seq." states that the BLM is to protect wild horse from "harassment", "capture", and "death", maintaining them as free roaming components of public lands.  The law also requires wild horses and burros to be treated humanely.

Critics of the BLM horse round up program wonder why the Federal government sees the need to stockpile wild horses in the Midwest, stating there is no real imminent danger to the animals in the wild. Indeed, wild horses, more correctly termed "feral horses" because they are descendants of domestic animals, have through natural selection been bred into wily and capable animals, quite able to adapt to varied environmental conditions. It has been

A lawsuit has been filed by horse enthusiasts in an attempt to stop the BLM's disastrous roundup procedures, and a judge did halt the roundups, only to be overruled in the government's zeal to continue what they call benignly call "gathering".

The BLM has a long history of "over managing" (and in some cases, mismanaging) our public lands, which has included the destruction of historical sites, volunteer operated recreational facilities, legally owned and operated mining claims, including the harassment of claim owners, along with the mismanagement of wildlife exhibited by the current handling of our wild horse herds.

Current Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has stated that wild horses do not belong on public lands.  The BLM is part of the Department of the Interior.

 Wild Horse Facts (Courtesy of IDA):

- The Obama Administration plans to remove 12,000 mustangs from their Western ranges in FY 2010. Most of these horses will end up in government holding facilities.

- The number of wild horses in government holding facilities (35,000) now exceeds those left in the wild (33,000 by BLM estimates).

- The wild horse population today is smaller than in 1974 when the BLM conducted its first census after Congress protected the horses due to their dwindling numbers.

- Wild horses comprise a minute fraction (0.5 percent) of grazing animals on public lands, where they are outnumbered by cattle at least 200 to 1.

- The BLM manages more than 256 million acres of public lands. Cattle grazing is allowed on 160 million acres, while wild horses are restricted to 26.6 million acres of land that is shared with cattle.

- Since 1971 when Congress protected wild horses as “living symbols of freedom” and important parts of our national heritage, the BLM has removed over 200,000 horses from the range and taken away 20 million acres of wild horse habitat.

- The BLM frequently increases livestock grazing allotments after removing wild horses. Horses are also displaced for the benefit of other commercial users of public lands, including mining, oil/gas and other extractive industries.

- The Obama Administration proposes to spend up to 500 million tax dollars to purchase private lands in the Midwest and East to warehouse wild horses removed from public lands (which the taxpayers already own) in the West. In response to IDA’s lawsuit, U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled that these holding facilities are likely illegal.

- The mustang has spent hundreds of years acclimating to the arid, rocky terrain of the west and their presence on that landscape is part of our national heritage. Not only are they ill-suited to the wet, lush Midwestern climate but their absence from the west is an affront to our cultural history.

For more information concerning the issue of wild horses in the west:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

U.S. authorities order the shutdown of over 73,000 public websites.

Using vague language concerning "abuse" of some sort, in an unprecedented move of censorship, U.S. law enforcement officials have apparently ordered the shut down of a free website hosting service called "". The shutdown involves over 73,000 websites and blogs, primarily opinion sites run by private citizens. has been hosted by BurstNet for the last 7 months.

On Friday, July 9th, disappeared from the internet. On the following Monday, received the following email:

"Due to the history of abuse and on going abuse on this ‘bn.***********’ server.

We have opted to terminate this server, effective immediately. This termination applies to:

Abuse Department
BurstNET Technologies, Inc"

After further communication with BurstNet, Blogetery received the following:

"Bn.xx*********** was terminated by request of law enforcement officials, due to material hosted on the server.

We are limited as to the details we can provide to you, but note that this was a critical matter and the only available option to us was to immediately deactivate the server."

And then, even later, a supposed "clarification":

"Please note that this was not a typical case, in which suspension and notification would be the norm. This was a critical matter brought to our attention by law enforcement officials. We had to immediately remove the server."
BurstNet has responded to requests for further info with the following:

“We notified him [the Blogetery owner] when we terminated it [the server], and we refunded him his money to his account, because he has other servers with us If he wants the refund to his card, we can easily do that. However, it should be the least of his concerns,” A BurstNet representative later confirmed.

“Simply put: We cannot give him his data nor can we provide any other details. By stating this, most would recognize that something serious is afoot.”
Is this to become a "test case" in a wider crackdown on opposing opinion by the Obama administration?  One seriously doubts that the current White House, given it's penchant for acting without actually doing even minimal investigation on a subject, would have taken the time to monitor all 73,000 websites before they decided to have them shut down on a wholesale basis.

It has long been reported that President Obama wants the power of an internet "kill switch", with the ability to shut down the internet in the United States in the case of "national emergency".  The current political climate in Washington, D.C. is apt to give him just that power, given the amount of power they have transferred from private to government hands in the mere 19 months Obama has been in office.

Those who attempt to access, or any of the thousands of hosted websites which use Blogetery, are treated with the following cryptic message:

"After being BurstNet customer for 7 months our server was terminated without any notification or explanation.

We're trying to resolve the situation.

You can find details in this thread on webhostingtalk forum."

Thanks to "" for contributing to this article.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama fomenting race war on several fronts.

Remember when Barack Obama was elected President, and the fawning mainstream media proclaimed a new "post-racial" age for the United States?  How did we go from "post racial", to the highest racial tensions in decades, in only 19 months of Obama's leadership?

Barack Obama's entire adult history has been spent as a professional political agitator.  It's no surprise then, that once Obama was elected President, his political machine would kick in, using the only tactics they know, to effect his their version of "Change".

Against the will of the American People, the Obama administration has repeatedly condemned the State of Arizona's new immigration law, which mirrors the unenforced existing Federal law.  Now the Obama Justice Dept., headed by Eric Holder, has officially filed a Federal lawsuit against Arizona, in a move to invalidate Arizona's state immigration law, apparently because they feel Arizona might actually enforce a law the Federal government has ignored for years.

Fully 70% of Arizona residents, and over 60% of U.S. citizens across the board, support the State of Arizona's attempts at controlling the exploding illegal alien problem in their state.  Several other states are considering similar laws, and one state, Rhode Island, already has an active, and enforced, law similar to Arizona's on the books.

Perhaps Obama's Dept. of Justice doesn't see Rhode Island as a state worthy of mention?  Or perhaps it would simply be more difficult to exploit Rhode Island's law for political gain, what with it being so far from the border with Mexico and all.

Either way, 2 out of 3 Americans see the Justice Dept. lawsuit against Arizona as politically motivated folly. Yet the Obama Administration apparently sees the entire situation as a political opportunity to whip up racist sentiment among both whites and Hispanics, as it would appear their actions are carefully designed to do just that.

Radical groups such as La Raza, which believes that the entire southwestern United States was stolen from Mexico, and should be returned by force if necessary, have been emboldened by President Obama's siding with them over the citizens of the United States, who overwhelmingly believe in a common sense, law and order immigration policy, and a secure border.  Is this by design, or through incompetent leadership?  Very few can make the case that Obama is stupid.

Consider also the explosive revelation, ignored by the mainstream media, that attorneys for the Obama Justice Dept. were told that the Justice Dept. would not go forth with cases against blacks brought by whites.  This apparently had a lot to do with the dropping of charges against New Black Panther members who dressed in paramilitary garb, carried night sticks and billy clubs, and stood at the entrances to polling places in Philadelphia, in a show of force apparently designed to suppress white voter turnout during the 2008 elections, when Obama was on the ballot.  This despite the fact that the case had already been won, a default judgment entered, and the case merely awaited sentencing.  One of the New Black Panther members who was involved in the voter suppression has recently been taped spewing racist hatred towards whites, declaring that for blacks to obtain freedom, they are going to have to "kill some crackers" and "their babies".  It would appear that the actions of Obama's Justice Dept. has given rise to black hatred against whites, rather than bringing peace and love to the world, as promised on election day.  Again, by design?

To those who have studied Barack Obama's history as a political agitator, nothing here comes as a big surprise.  Agitation is how they attempt to accomplish their goals.  Rather than bringing people together, which perhaps is far to slow and far too full of compromise, agitation seeks to foment "Change" through lawlessness and civil disobedience.  And, considering Obama's silence on the issue, perhaps the killing of some "cracker babies" as well.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Seven concepts too difficult for liberals to understand:

(1) Supply and demand.

(2) Interest rates should not be left to the government or central banks to “manage”.

(3) Government intervention distorts any market, is inefficient, and counter-productive.

(4) Liberty means personal responsibility.

(5) Coercive collectivism negates freedom.

(6) A spending and debt problem cannot be solved by more debt and more spending.

(7) No person should be born into a world with a legally enforceable obligation to take care of persons other than their own children.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thoughts on Freedom: Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address, February 1861

Gentlemen of the Congress of the Confederate States of America:

Called to the difficult and responsible station of Executive Chief of the Provisional Government which you have instituted, I approach the discharge of the duties assigned me with an humble distrust of my abilities, but with a sustaining confidence in the wisdom of those who are to aid and guide me in the administration of public affairs, and an abiding faith in the patriotism and virtue of the people. Looking forward to the speedy establishment of a provisional government to take the place of the present one, and which, by its great moral and physical powers, will be better able to contend with the difficulties which arise from the conflicting incidents of separate nations, I enter upon the duties of the office for which I have been chosen with the hope that the beginning of our career as a Confederacy may not be obstructed by hostile opposition to the enjoyment of that separate and independent existence which we have asserted, and which, with the blessing of Providence, we intend to maintain.
Our present position has been achieved in a manner unprecedented in the history of nations. It illustrates the American idea that government rests upon the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish a government whenever it becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established. The declared purposes of the compact of Union from which we have withdrawn were to establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, to provide for the common defence, to promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity; and when in the judgment of the sovereign States now comprising this Confederacy it had been perverted from the purposes for which it was ordained, and had ceased to answer the ends for which it was established, an appeal to the ballot box declared that so far as they were concerned the government created by that compact should cease to exist. In this they merely asserted a right which the Declaration of Independence of 1776 defined to be inalienable. Of the time and occasion for its exercise, they, as sovereign, were the final judges each for itself. The impartial and enlightened verdict of mankind will vindicate the rectitude of our conduct, and He who knows the hearts of men will judge the sincerity with which we have labored to preserve the government of our fathers, in its spirit and in those rights inherent in it, which were solemnly proclaimed at the birth of the States, and which have been affirmed and reaffirmed in the Bills of Rights of the several States. When they entered into the Union of 1789, it was with the undeniable recognition of the power of the people to resume the authority delegated for the purposes of that government whenever, in their opinion, its functions were perverted and its ends defeated. By virtue of this authority, the time and occasion requiring them to exercise it having arrived, the sovereign States here represented have seceded from that Union, and it is a gross abuse of language to denominate the act rebellion or revolution. They have formed a new alliance, but in each State its government has remained as before. The rights of person and property have not been disturbed. The agency through which they have communicated with foreign powers has been changed, but this does not necessarily interrupt their international relations.
Sustained by a consciousness that our transition from the former Union to the present Confederacy has not proceeded from any disregard on our part of our just obligations, or any failure to perform every constitutional duty -- moved by no intention or design to invade the rights of others -- anxious to cultivate peace and commerce with all nations -- if we may not hope to avoid war, we may at least expect that posterity will acquit us of having needlessly engaged in it. We are doubly justified by the absence of wrong on our part, and by wanton aggression on the part of others. There can be no cause to doubt that the courage and patriotism of the people of the Confederate States will be found equal to any measure of defence which may be required for their security. Devoted to agricultural pursuits, their chief interest is the export of a commodity required in every manufacturing country. Our policy is peace, and the freest trade our necessities will permit. It is alike our interest, and that of all those to whom we would sell and from whom we would buy, that there should be the fewest practicable restrictions upon interchange of commodities. There can be but little rivalry between us and any manufacturing or navigating community, such as the Northwestern States of the American Union.
It must follow, therefore, that mutual interest would invite good will and kindness between them and us. If, however, passion or lust of dominion should cloud the judgment and inflame the ambition of these States, we must prepare to meet the emergency, and maintain, by the final arbitrament of the sword, the position we have assumed among the nations of the earth. We have now entered upon our career of independence, and it must be inflexibly pursued.
Through many years of controversy with our late associates, the Northern States, we have vainly endeavored to secure tranquillity and obtain respect for the rights to which we were entitled. As a necessity, not a choice we have resorted to separation, and henceforth our energies must be devoted to the conducting of our own affairs, and perpetuating the Confederacy we have formed. If a just perception of mutual interest shall permit us peaceably to pursue our separate political career, my most earnest desire will have been fulfilled. But if this be denied us, and the integrity and jurisdiction of our territory be assailed, it will but remain for us with a firm resolve to appeal to arms and invoke the blessings of Providence upon a just cause.
As a consequence of our new constitution, and with a view to meet our anticipated wants, it will be necessary to provide a speedy and efficient organization of the several branches of the executive departments having special charge of our foreign intercourse, financial and military affairs, and postal service. For purposes of defence, the Confederate States may, under ordinary circumstances rely mainly upon their militia; but it is deemed advisable, in the present condition of affairs, that there should be a well instructed, disciplined army, more numerous than would be usually required for a peace establishment.
I also suggest that for the protection of our harbors and commerce on the high seas, a navy adapted to those objects be built up. These necessities have doubtless engaged the attention of Congress.
With a constitution differing only in form from that of our forefathers, in so far as it is explanatory of their well known intents, freed from sectional conflicts which have so much interfered with the pursuits of the general welfare, it is not unreasonable to expect that the States from which we have parted may seek to unite their fortunes with ours under the government we have instituted. For this your constitution has made adequate provision, but beyond this, if I mistake not the judgment and will of the people, our reunion with the States from which we have separated is neither practicable nor desirable. To increase power, develop the resources, and promote the happiness of this Confederacy, it is necessary that there should be so much homogeneity as that the welfare of every portion be the aim of the whole. When this homogeneity does not exist, antagonisms are engendered which must and should result in separation.
Actuated solely by a desire to protect and preserve our own rights and promote our own welfare, the secession of the Confederate States has been marked by no aggression upon others, and followed by no domestic convulsion. Our industrial pursuits have received no check; the cultivation of our fields has progressed as heretofore; and even should we be involved in war, there would be no considerable diminution in the production of the great staple which constitutes our exports, and in which the commercial world has an interest scarcely less than our own. This common interest of producer and consumer can only be interrupted by external force, which would obstruct shipments to foreign markets -- a course of conduct which would be detrimental to manufacturing and commercial interests abroad. Should reason guide the action of the government from which we have separated, a policy so injurious to the civilized world, the Northern States included, could not be dictated even by the strongest desire to inflict injury upon us; but if otherwise, a terrible responsibility will rest upon it, and the suffering of millions will bear testimony to the folly and wickedness of our aggressors. In the meantime there will remain to us, besides the ordinary remedies before suggested, the well known resources for retaliation upon the commerce of our enemy.
  Experience in public stations of subordinate grade to this which your kindness has conferred on me, has taught me that care and toil and disappointments are the price of official elevation. You will have many errors to forgive, many deficiencies to tolerate, but you will not find in me either a want of zeal or fidelity to a cause that has my highest hopes and most enduring affection. Your generosity has bestowed upon me an undeserved distinction, one which neither sought nor desired. Upon the continuance of that sentiment, and upon your wisdom and patriotism, I rely to direct and support me in the performance of the duties required at my hands. We have changed the constituent parts, not the system of our government. The constitution formed by our fathers is the constitution of the "Confederate States." In their exposition of it, and in the judicial constructions it has received, it has a light that reveals its true meaning. Thus instructed as to the just interpretations of that instrument, and ever remembering that all public offices are but trusts, held for the benefit of the people, and that delegated powers are to be strictly construed, I will hope that by due diligence in the discharge of my duties, though I may disappoint your expectations, yet to retain, when retiring, something of the good will and confidence which welcome my entrance into office. It is joyous in perilous times to look around upon a people united in heart, who are animated and actuated by one and the same purpose and high resolve, with whom the sacrifices to be made are not weighed in the balance against honor, right, liberty and equality. Obstacles may retard, but cannot prevent their progressive movements. Sanctified by justice and sustained by a virtuous people, let me reverently invoke the God of our fathers to guide and protect us in our efforts to perpetuate the principles which by HIS blessing they were able to vindicate, establish and transmit to their posterity, and with the continuance of HIS favor, ever to be gratefully acknowledged, let us look hopefully forward to success, to peace, and to prosperity.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beginning today, our nation inches closer to Fascism.

Notice anything different today?  Most folks probably won't.  Such is the way with creeping totalitarianism.

What's different today from yesterday?  June 30th, 2010 was the last day it was legal in the United States to ship cigarettes by mail.  Yet another freedom lost...a completely legal adult product is no longer able to be purchased online, by phone, or through a catalog, to be delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.

Why, you might ask?  Here's your answer:  When President Barack Obama signed into law the SCHIP expansion as one of his first acts in office, increasing tobacco taxes by up to 156%, he not only broke his campaign pledge that he would not raise taxes on anyone who made less than $250,000 a year, he also wanted to make sure you didn't have a legal way to avoid paying his tax increase.  Thus, our current Democrat controlled congress went to work writing another bill...and another bill means another law...and another law generally means someone is going to lose another freedom.  Voila!  In March of this year President Obama signed the "Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking" Act.

You see, the Federal Government always thinks that when there is a completely legal way to avoid paying their onerous taxes, say through the mail ordering of cigarettes from a business located on a tax-free Native Reservation, you are somehow depriving our elected "leaders" of money they feel should rightfully be theirs.  So, they must find a way to "close" that "loophole", so you can be gouged just like any other schmuck who walks into any convenience store in your town.

Oh, you can still drive out to any smoke shop on pretty much any Indian Reservation and buy your smokes tax-free.  So far, I guess our Federal government hasn't figured out a way to make that illegal without putting thousands of natives on the warpath.  Rest assured, the money hungry "powers that be" in Washington D.C. are working on it.

In New York State, a new law levying taxes on the walk-in sale of tobacco to non-natives is scheduled to go into effect September 1st.  J.C. Seneca, a Seneca Nation Tribal Councilor, has declared the state law "an act of war". The last time New York threatened to tax tobacco on tribal lands, there were threats of violence, and a state Thruway across tribal lands was closed after it was blocked with burning tires and debris.

According to the Seneca Tribe, the new Federal law banning mail-order cigarette sales which goes into effect today threatens up to 1000 jobs on the Seneca Nation alone.

Thus, another job and freedom killing measure from our Democrat leadership is in the books.   Native American rights are again trampled.   And the citizens of the United States don't even wince.