Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is wrong with the left coast?

Well, as good a day as it was for the conservative cause, I still find a few glaring errors in judgment committed by the people of California and Nevada.
One:  California re-elects Jerry Brown to be Governor.  Yep, the very guy who back in the 1970's took Ronald Reagan's state and began it's transformation into the socialist utopia we can all be proud of today....entitlement driven and debt ridden, the state is bankrupted by the very policies began 35 years ago by then Governor Jerry Brown...and the people of California elect none other than Jerry Brown to be governor yet again.  Way to go!  You apparently aren't broke enough yet.  And whatever happened to Linda Ronstadt?  I had the biggest crush on her in grade school.

Jerry Brown, busily driving small businesspeople out of California, and killing his constituents individual initiative, back in the 1970's.
Two:  I guess skyrocketing unemployment (16 percent at last count), record foreclosures, vacant neighborhoods, a housing market where a great majority of the people now owe more on their homes than they are currently worth, and a populace fleeing the state, are no reason to make any changes.  Harry Reid has been involved in politics since the 1970's, he has presided over the biggest expansion of Federal government power and Federal spending in the history of the United States, while back at home his state burns, and how do the people of Nevada punish him?  Not with the walking papers he deserves, but with yet another term as their Senator!  Good on you, Nevadans!  You have now shown the rest of the nation how tough you really are! Don't let the worst economic conditions in the nation faze you, heck no! Your votin' the same fella back in so he can keep up the good work!

How can you tell when Harry Reid is being obnoxious?  His mouth is open!
All I can say is that California deserves what they get, and Nevada is populated by far too many former Californians.