Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona: The Federal Government vs. the People of the U.S.A.

Yet again, the Obama administration has forced an issue in direct opposition to the will of the majority of U.S. Citizens.

Well over half of all U.S. Citizens support the State of Arizona's right to defend itself from the illegal alien invasion coming across out southern border.  In Arizona itself, 70 percent of the population support the Arizona Immigration Law.

Yet our Federal government, ignoring the general population yet again, has taken Arizona to court to block the implementation of state law.  And on the surface, it appears the Federal government has won, at least for now.

But in a time when it already looks like Democrats are losing their "mojo", is it wise to continue to anger the electorate, particularly this close to an election that is going to decide the fate of the supposed "Obama Mandate"?

In short, has the Federal government really "won" anything?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has already stated that Arizona would take their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, thus guaranteeing the agitation of an already open wound as the the battle over the "rights" of illegal aliens remains in the forefront of America's minds through election day.  Governor Brewer re-confirmed this intention to Sean Hannity on his Fox News Channel television program just hours after U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton struck down much of Arizona's law.  The Arizona Governor is overwhelmingly popular in her home state, and enjoys an over 20% lead over her opponents in the political race to hold on to her job.

It's also clear the people of the United States want our borders under control.  Illegal aliens, coming to the United States with relative impunity, present a problem that is overtaxing the economies of many states, not to mention their bringing in dangerous drugs, and criminal activity including the outright murder of U.S. Citizens.  The Obama Administration, by actively seeking to thwart any and all attempts to control our border with Mexico, has shown it's utter disdain for the United States and it's people.  Every poll shows U.S. Citizens are fed up with the Federal Government's unwillingness to handle our southern border situation.

It would seem that the current administration has just handed it's political opposition another political weapon to use against it in the few short months leading to election day.

In a personal experience, As the manager of a rental firm, I once had an employee, who already had years of service with the U.S. Coast Guard under his belt, apply for a position with the U.S. Border Patrol.  I fully supported his decision, and he kept me informed during the lengthy process so that I could be prepared to replace him when the time came.  Finally, after some time, he got "the call" and reported for training.  After all of the effort involved in obtaining the job, it took less than a year for him to leave the position, disillusioned over the fact that it appeared every roadblock was put in the way of actually enforcing border security.

Though I was sad to see such a fine person, who put so much effort into obtaining the position, leave the Border Patrol in what amounted to complete disgust, I wasn't surprised.  The stories he told concerning some of the border security situations he was involved with while patrolling the California coast in the Coast Guard appeared to be precursors to the bureaucratic nonsense he experienced during his short time with the Border Patrol.

Invaders climbing border fence
It's become obvious, through it's actions, that the Obama Administration, and the Federal government in general, expresses open contempt for the idea of "rule of law", or any semblance of border security.  In less than 20 pages, Arizona's immigration law practically mimics Federal law concerning immigration policy, Federal law, which by the way, the Federal government refuses to enforce.  And though the State of Arizona must bear the burden of illegal alien invasion in not just economic terms, but in actual physical harm done by criminal activity of illegal aliens, including the murder of Arizona's citizens, and the destruction of lives through drug use, the Federal government appear to be willing to allow a certain amount of murder and mayhem in it's quest for power it itself refuses to use.

Like most U.S. citizens, I'm 100 percent in favor of LEGAL immigration to our country, regardless of race. Members of every nationality have something to offer the United States.  However, national security dictates that the flow of immigrants be controlled, monitored, for health, economic, and national security reasons.  The uncontrolled flow of people into the United States at our southern border presents problems in all three categories.

The only way, it would seem, to force Federal government action on the border, is to create a massive shift in power at the ballot box this November.  It's more than apparent, as shown by their very arrogance, that our current group of do-nothing representatives at the Federal level are more interested in maintaining their level of personal power and comfort, than they are in creating an atmosphere where U.S. citizens can experience any semblance of the same comfort.  It's doubtful that many congresspeople, or even the President himself, has ever had to experience the results of their policy of inaction on the border.  And it's doubtful, in their insulated lives which revolve largely around around the D.C. political scene, that any of them will ever experience the level of anxiety felt by the average citizens in our border states due to the out of control illegal alien presence. Indeed, no less than President Obama himself refused the invitation of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to actually visit the southern U.S. border with Mexico, instead preferring to lecture Governor Brewer about how the southern border with Mexico is the "most secure it's ever been".
Murdered Arizona rancher Robert Krentz

Tell that to the family and friends of longtime Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, who was shot dead, along with his dog, by an illegal invader from Mexico, while riding an ATV around his ranchlands earlier this year.

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